critique on SAKAUCHI's art work

A "connection" in painterly field

Now I will write about the flexibility and strength of life in paintings which depicted by the Japanese artist, SAKAUCHI Miwako.
Her style of painting is abstract, but has a clear figure. The figure is appeared by the contrast of color from the ground. The figure and ground are painted by passionate strokes and the combination of intricate color areas, and are in harmony. Her expression is beyond the conventional painting style, figure-ground dualism. I feel some vital existence on the pictorial surface of her paintings. And I also add the usage of impressive transparent color.
The scene of Japanese contemporary art faces dead end now. The reason is the Japanese art is divided to the barren two directions. One is the denial of lyrical painterly by the Formalistic pursue. The other is the heteronomy (element outside art) by comical (subculture) expression. I anticipate people appreciate her lyrical paintings, the painterly renaissance.
On the other hand, our modern society also faces dead end. The main reason is the Reductionalism which modern science and philosophy are based on. The famous philosopher, Gregory Bateson (the author of "Steps to An Ecology of Mind") and the biologist, James E. Lovelock (he advocated the Gaia hypothesis) emphasize the "connection". In other word we say it organic relationship. We should think nature and life in the aspect that everything are diversified and connected in the big one circle, not isolated.
The artist, Sakauchi depict "connection" in the painterly field. Her strokes are passionate. But strokes don't stand out, were connected other strokes thoroughly. She uses primary and gradation of colors effectively. All elements are connected. They are beyond the Reductionalism. I think her painting has a vitality and tenderness of life form truly.

ARAI Hiroyuki, art critique

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