These are the art works on my solo exhibition at Yanaka Bossa.





 "Spontaneous dream II", 2007, China plywood,acrylic,other, 91.0x60.0cm, Photo: OKUMURA Motoi


 "Transition", 2006, China plywood, acrylic,other, 30.0x22.5cm, Photo: ARAI Hiroyuki


 "Darkness of night I", 2007, China plywood,acrylic,collage,other, 22.5x30.0cm, Photo: OKUMURA Motoi


 "Sound from far place II", 2007, panel,acrylic,collage, 33.2x24.0cm, private collection, Photo: OKUMURA Motoi


Exhibition view at Yanaka Bossa, Apr.2007.
The right photo is the view of special live performance by Alladeen Trio (MATSUO Ken, OIKAW Keiko, HIRAI Petashi Yoichi) in Arabic music.
Photo: ARAI Hiroyuki


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