These are the art works on my solo exhibition at Gallery Futaba and Gallery Art Salon II and so on.



 "Circuit-I", 2004, oil and pastel on canvas, 91.0x91.0cm, Photo: OKUMURA Motoi


 "Flow-II", 2004, oil on canvas,wood, 72.5x72.5cm, Photo: OKUMURA Motoi


 "Stirring", 2004, oil on canvas,sand, 227.3x181.8cm, Photo: OKUMURA Motoi


 Exhibition view at Gallery Futaba, Nov.2004, Photo: OKUMURA Motoi



 "Life 2004 - 3", 2004, acrylic and pencil on paper, 27.8x18.6cm, private collection, Photo: ARAI Hiroyuki


 "Life 2004 - 5", 2004, acrylic, pencil and pen on paper, 31.7x41.0cm, Photo: ARAI Hiroyuki


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